Jagged Spiral Presents – Fire And Dice

Album Cover for Jagged Spiral's Fire And Dice - Artwork by J. S. Johnson

Cover Art for Jagged Spiral’s second album, Fire and Dice. Artwork by J.S. Johnson.

Jagged Spiral’s Second Studio Album is Finished

In 2007, Josh, Colin and I debuted our ‘Northern Rock’ Concept Album - Days From Evil – releasing the mp3s online for free between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2007…

…on 11 July 2008 the Days From Evil CD Release Party was held at Club Underground…

…then we disappeared.

I’ll bet you’re wondering, was it jail or rehab? I’ll give you a hint:

We can’t afford rehab.

The Bureau of Morality defined our music as a weapon of mass destruction, subject to the Homeland Security Act we were classified as terrorists. Not political ones, mind you. More like spiritual/psychological terrorists.

But it turns out the computers in the Hennepin Country Detention Center are not too shabby. Plus, they have high-speed internet. So after a refreshing waterboarding, a couple years of good behavior, a brisk cavity search, and a couple login password resets, I’m finally able to share with you some New Jagged Spiral News:

The long-awaited second album from hard-dark-metal-art-rock-whatever band Jagged Spiral is finished!

It’s called Fire and Dice, and it will redefine the genre of Northern Rock. (We can do that since we created the genre.) It is nothing less than epic. If the Valkyrie had i-pods, they would listen to this album as they rode Pegasi, swooping down on the battlefield to drag the fallen heroes off to Valhalla.

What’s It Sound Like?

Fire and Dice sounds like an unlubricated orgy of Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters and Tool. Being shot to death. On an aircraft carrier.  Towed by a space shuttle. Crashing into a planet. Made of enriched uranium. Which explodes.

Fire and Dice makes The Big Bang that gave birth to our universe sound like Coldplay.

Or if you like, here’s the old marketing copy, which is still fairly accurate:

…Angry. Progressive. Conceptual. Epic. Brazen. Dark. Metallic. Since no other genres suffice, they have decided to declare a new genre of music: ‘Northern Rock’. Rough as a serrated edge. Cold and slick as black ice. The harsh brutality of Gothic Hard Rock merged with ambiance, depth, and groove, then left out in the rain to corrode into something completely unique.

Everything you loved about Days From Evil, only more so. But there’s no concept this time. At least, not any intentional ones. If you really miss it, just pretend each song is a mini-concept-album.

Release Date – 21 Dec 2013

Saturday, December 21st is the Winter Solstice. On that day, the sun will hide away from this side of the world, giving us the longest night of the year. A fitting time to release something as dark and cold as Fire and Dice.

There is no public “release party.” Consider it a virtual online thing, so feel free to get crunked in the comfort of your own home while downloading/listening and don’t forget to share it with your real-world friends and your facebook “friends” since in case I forgot to mention it, Fire and Dice is absolutely…


Jagged Spiral’s music transcends materialistic/capitalistic nonsense. Keep your money. Tell your friends, write a blog post review, or share your enthusiasm on social media instead.

Unless, of course, your name is Diablo Cody and you want to use our music in your movie score, video game soundtrack, or dubstep remix. We still might let you use our music for free, but you have to get permission for commercial use.

Likewise, if you want a physical CD, you’d have to buy it, but I’m not sure why you would. Download all the tracks for free, and burn them to a disk yourself.

Fire and Dice on Bandcamp – To download, simply click the “Buy Now” button and add in a price of $0.00.

Hope you like it.