A Jagged Jam

The second Official Jagged Spiral Jam met today, and let me tell you…

…it was Jagged.

Well, what the hell did you expect? For the past two years we’ve been a studio band. Pieced together one take at a time, and some song parts haven’t been played live for over a year!

So we ground out several sorry renditions of: Not Enough Bullets, Forced Entry, Hallowed Ground and I Am Death. We also played some new material. We also played some Virtua Fighter 4, and Josh completely slayed everyone. (It makes sense if you think about it: Percussion)

Practice, Practice, Practice. We just have to work at it, is all. And someday, if we keep practicing and focusing and giving it one-hundred and ten percent…

…we might finally be able to beat Josh at Virtua Figher 4.

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