Days From Evil Free Music Download – Track 2 – Monsters

The song Monsters has now been uploaded for your listening pleasure. It is the second song from the Days From Evil album. Click over to the music page to pick it up, the song is completely free to download.

Last week, we debuted the first song off Days From Evil, Forced Entry. The next song Hallowed Ground will be available next week. Check the side of this page for the countdown timer to the release date. At you can find all the countdown timers for all the Days From Evil songs. Its easy to copy the code and add them to your own websites/blogs/myspace/facebook pages…

And there’s more goodies to come. Keep checking back as we release a new track from Days From Evil every Wednesday at midnight for the remaining weeks of 2007. There will also be some desktop wallpapers, videos, more pix of the band, and plenty of free stuff to gorge your hard drive on.

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