Days From Evil Free Music Download – Track 4 – Run

“Run” is the fourth song from the “Days From Evil” album. You can go to our merch page to download it for free, along with the first three songs.

Believe it or not this song was finished on 26 Jan 2006, almost 2 years ago. For a long time it was called “Plung” which was the name of a sound effect loop that the song was based around. The sound effect was later removed, and the song was then titled “Creature Finds the Window”. Later verse writing led to the chant “Run!” which became an obvious name for the song.

At one point we had agreed that when we played together live, Run was our most ‘accurate’ sounding song, meaning when we played it live it sounded the most like it did on the record. We weren’t particularly proud or embarrassed about this fact.

Check out Run and the other songs, and let us know what you think. Then check back each week until the end of the year, and we will have plenty more audio for you.

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