Jagged Spiral… in the Studio?

Ha, that’s rich. We’re always in the studio. Mostly because we aren’t allowed in many other places. Next, we’ll be bragging that we’re recording something. Here’s a tip… we’re always recording something. Song ideas, rough demos, XXX vids with the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, covers of Bjork B-Sides…

The real news is what we recorded. We ran several test recordings of drums using different microphone configurations. We taped a credit card to the kick drum head, and ran the kick drum microphone through an overloaded tube preamp. Then we mixed, monitored, moved microphones and tried again, refining our drum sound as we went along.

It doesn’t sound like Slayer. It doesn’t sound like Metallica. Thank God.

It sounds like Jagged Spiral. Squared. The sound of the drums alone will probably get us on several lists:

  • City of Minneapolis – List of Known Disturbers of the Peace
  • Mix Magazine – List Of… Unique Ways To Record Drum Tracks
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – List of Reasons Not To Drink
  • Vita.mn – List Of The Best New Bands In Minnesota

You heard me. Anyway, our manager Sugar has given me permission to officially announce that Jagged Spiral has begun recording our second album. The working title is “Ten Easy Ways To Kill Yourself” but that title will likely change.

But don’t get yourself all worked up. We have the studio booked for a long time.

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