Jagged Spiral Website Update V2.1

Well, I’ve made some changes to the image rotator on the band page. If you have any problems with the pictures not working or displaying properly, give a holler to jagged spiral at gmail dot com.

You should now see the menubar, which will let you scroll back and forth through the pix. Also, the pictures will now be auto-resized to fit the player. Clicking on the picture will open the picture up in its native size for downloading.

I’ve reduced the size and quality of uploaded images to make the player more responsive for slow connections (Does anyone still have dialup?) and I added some other pictures to the image rotator that you might find scattered throughout the other pages of the website. Keep checking back and I’ll sneak some other pix onto the list, and we’ll see if Josh or Colin notice. Then we can have a bidding war to see if fans will pay more than Josh or Colin to keep the pictures posted, and I’ll put the money towards a new bass amp.

The band has talked about another photo shoot, (partially for website content, but mostly because it’s fun and makes us feel like Rock Schtaahs) but first we need to get artwork for Days From Evil finished.

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