Jagged Spiral’s First Concert!

Wow. Who knew three people could make so much noise? Well, a small group of people found out firsthand on Saturday during a Halloween Costume Party where Jagged Spiral made their first public appearance.

It was fun.

It was loud.

It was fast.

No, it was Really Loud and Fast.

I think the performance was as good as one of our best practices, which is to say that it was pretty damn good. There were mistakes, but we never stopped. A couple fumbles, but we quickly recovered. No technical glitches. We forgot to turn on the strobe light, but I think our music gave people siezures without any help.

The best feedback was from Saveau who said Jagged Spiral sounded like a child of Pantera and The Dead Kennedys. And my mom e-mailed me today to tell me that she still cannot hear anything. Xtina said that of all the songs to stick in her head, “God Hates Emo” topped them all.

My stomach still hurts, but my voice is coming back. Never did find my tonsils.

Pix to come….

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