Months from Evil

Alas, a couple minor glitches are keeping the Version 1 master of “Days From Evil” being declaired as Finished. Surprisingly, the issues don’t have to do with the sound, they have to do with the track markers; where each track starts. The track markers for Monsters and The Last Song had to be nudged around a bit.

The version 2 master was completed on Friday the Thirteenth, 2007. We are giving the version 2 master a thorough listen, and have even uploaded some of the songs to myspace (

Once the “Days From Evil” master meets our exacting standards, we will stamp it with the Jagged Spiral Seal Of Approval…um, that is, after we design the Seal, and once the Seal meets our exacting standards…

We still have to design the cover art / liner notes, as well as select the official Jagged Spiral Band Logo.

Work, work, work. Oh well, even though the pay sucks, we don’t complain too much, since we can all drink on the job and the dress code is pretty lax…

Conrad Zero LogoYours Darkly,

Conrad Zero

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