The People Have Voted. The Battle of the Bands Winner Is…

Not Jagged Spiral.

The win was handed to a band called Ill-Gotten

I can’t say I’m surprised or disappointed. Although I don’t care for Ill-Gotten’s genre of Hardcore music, they were as professional, tight, talented and energetic as any other band at the event…

…but they did have more fans.

Nothing against the production company, but when all other factors are balanced out, the Battle of the Bands turns from a Talent Contest into a Popularity Contest, and that’s something Jagged Spiral simply can’t win. At least, not at this early stage of our musical career. Let’s be honest, the people who came to see us play were friends and family, not fans.

Looking on the bright side, we got one more live show notch in our bullet-belt, and we got to play out to a crowded house of people on a weekend, and Colin was in bed by a reasonable hour. Jam Solid Productions has us on their list to contact for future promotions. We got some video that we can review and use to critique our live performance. (Unfortunately, nothing useful enough to post to the web due to technical difficulties…) We also met up with a local band called S.B.I. who enjoyed hearing us and they seem like a good group for us to gig with in the near future.

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