City Pages Picks Best Local Minnesota Rock Band

…you probably think it’s Jagged Spiral, but the City Pages doesn’t. They think it’s a band called Knife World.  Readers Choice was Vampire Hands. I love Vampire Hands myself, they put on a good live show with lots of energy.

However, neither of these bands really strike me as “Rock”. Neither does Jagged Spiral for that matter. Maybe its just me, but they sound too ‘indie’ and not enough ‘rock’. Seems there are better selections for best Rock band:

Any one of these bands would Rock the piss out of Knife World AND Vampire Hands AND Jagged Spiral, and they’d do it with two guitar strings tied behind their back.

Gay Witch Abortion would probably get my vote for best local Rock band. Two absolute madmen with savage tone, who don’t really need bass or vocals to rock the planet. Catch one of their live shows if you get a chance, before their music is banned for being “Too Rock”.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the City Pages annual “Best Of”.

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