Days From Evil Recording Update – 30 Jan 2007

Tonight, we lit the cigar on Hallowed Ground. Six down. Four to go.

Here is the status of Days From Evil on this, the thirty-eth of January, in the Year of the Spiral, two-thousand-and-seven.

Forced Entry

Long Done. Actually done since 1 Dec 2006, when it was entered in a contest for Rift Magazine. The results of the contest should be available in the next couple weeks. A version of this song (Not sure which version exactly) was posted to our myspace page.


Done on 23 jan 07.

Hallowed Ground

Done today, 30 Jan 07! I re-writ and recorded the chorus for Hallowed Ground FOR THE FOURTH FUCKING TIME, and finally, it is agreed that the lyrics aren’t embarrassing, or stupid, or embarrassingly stupid. We are keeping the old lyrics for posterity, and so we have something to release when we run short of cash.


Needs work. The lyrics for the end aren’t quite finished. The lyrics for the begin aren’t quite recorded. Josh is going to look into a choir. This might turn out to be the most majestic song since Stairway to Heaven.

Let It Out

Done on 20 Jan 07. Actually, this song was ‘done’ a year ago. lol. But I’ll be honest; at the time we didn’t know what the fuck we were doing. We remixed this and it is worlds away from the rough mix you can hear on the myspace page.


I would say that this is the furthest from done. The guitar is entirely looped from one correctly played section. The vox were recorded while I had a cold, and need to be redone. Badly. Then edit and mix. Serve with a gallon of absinthe with an LSD chaser and a dash of cinnamon.

Not Enough Bullets

Done 20 Jan 07. Right. Actually, this song was done a year ago, along with Let It Out, but again, “we know better now…” and so we remixed it, and the song sounds much better. You can hear the old ‘rough’ mix on our myspace page.

I Am Death

Done on 20 Jan 07, but some issues with the lower frequencies, so we reduced the bass and drums today (20 Jan 07), and now the vox and guitar stand out where they ought.

The Last Song

Oh boy. Well, lets just say that this song is NOT finished. We actually need to clone an entire team of Bob Rock producers to get this puppy under control, and a 42″ plasma monitor screen to see all the tracks at one time.

On The Inside

Very nearly done. I recorded the last of the vox today (30 Jan 07) so the vox tracks need to be edited, and the song needs to be mixed. This will be the next song finished.

Even after all the tracks are recorded and mixed (cigar version) we still have a lot to do. All the ‘in between’ bits need to be recorded (in some cases, written) and then we run the whole she-bang through the mastering process.

Once the master CD is done, then there is the planning for the cover art, duplication, packaging and distribution. And the party.

You didn’t know about the party?

Hmm….. stay tuned.

2007 = Year Of The Spiral

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