King Midas in Reverse

Lets see, what did we accomplish tonight?

  • Taco Bell
  • Sincerely discussed the architecture of the New Guthrie Theater
  • Sincerely discussed that Sal from Artificial Joy Club could Kick Amy Lee from Evanescence’s ass.
  • Sincerely discussed that if Evanescence HAD any talent (Which itself is arguable) it is certainly gone now.
  • Decided that our first video needs Russian Strippers in it. Redheaded Russian Strippers.
  • Decided that the bass tracks for Monsters needs to be re-recorded
  • Decided that I Am Death is Mixed, more or less.
  • Pitchtwisted, EQed, FXed and V-Vocaled my vocals on Monsters, and decided that they suck anyway, and should be re-recorded.
  • Decided that Not Enough Bullets and Let It Out need to be remixed…er, re-remixed.

So basically, we set ourselves back about six weeks. But hey, as long as our album comes out before Chinese Democracy…

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