I Am Death – Rough Mix Done

Last night Josh, Colin and myself patched up the holes in “I Am Death”, a song MADE to play in the car on a first date. Some day I’ll take a screenshot of the song as we work on it – it isn’t pretty. Actually, the visual is as abrasive as the music itself, and we might consider shipping a screenshot along with the song, to give it more punch.

We could also send a few sticks of Egyptian Musk incense, I think that captures the correct olfactory sensation of the song, perhaps mixed with the smell of burning plastic.

Actually, we could go a step further, and send Lugash along with the CD, and he could kick the listener in the crotch at appropriate parts of the song, so they get the full effect.

Anyway, the song is sounding pretty good, and certainly does not sound like it was recorded in a Turkish Prison.

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