Lyrics for Ragnarök and the True Identity of the Antichrist

So I’m working on some lyrics for a song of a most peculiar nature, and I was wandering the wasteland of the internet looking for lyrics to end the world by. I was astounded to find out the TRUE IDENTITY OF THE ANTICHRIST!

No, Really! I really saw it! See, *that* is why I love the internet! It has Everything! The antichrist is so Totally Busted Out! HA! Yes, my friends, now I will share with you the name of the false shepard, the son of perdition, the agent of the world’s destruction:

Prince Charles of Wales is the Antichrist

I know, I was just as surprised as you are! I mean, he really doesn’t look that tough, I’m sure I could take him in a fair fight, but that’s the thing about those Antichristses, they aren’t likely to fight fair.

Like I said, I was kinda skeptical, but the proof includes the ‘fact’ that you can use some complicated mathematics to add up his name to get the number “666”. The math was a little awkward for me, so I simplified it here for you.

  1. Let any name that is “Prince Charles of Wales” equal the number 665.
  2. Add one, because, um, because there’s only one “Prince Charles of Wales.”

And WHAM-O!!! Now tell me that ol’ Chuck don’t have some SERIOUS explaining to do!

Never did find any good lyrical material though, but I’m sure there are plenty of words that rhyme with “Chuck”…

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