Progress / Regress

Well, the song Lament has reached critical mass and morphed into a Cigar Mix! Seven songs down, three to go….

…um what’s that? Oh, bummer… um, sure I’ll tell em…

I guess Josh just got a call from Greenpeace and they got a leaked version of On The Inside which they found in laboratory tests would kill small, furry animals when played back at average volume. The lethality increased if they solo-ed out my lead vocal track.

Well, we are going to release the damn thing anyway! I mean, it’s better than this, and small, furry animals were never really our Target Audience, if you catch my drift. Besides, Greenpeace protesting the release of our album is just the kind of press we are looking for…um, hold on a sec.

…What now? Alright, quit bothering me! I’m trying to blog here, fer crissake. What? Really? NO WAY! Aw, Shit! Did you tell him to kiss my ass? Fine, fine…

Well, I guess Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional just called, and wants to buy On The Inside from us. That Cuts it! I guess that song won’t make the Days From Evil album after all. Shame really, all that work for naught, and such a…pretty song too.

So, as I was saying, Seven Down, Two to go!

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