The Signs of the Coming Days From Evil

Saturday The Spiral decimated the studio, and slaved away at the last two songs. The first, (ironically called The Last Song) is sounding much better after running over it with a huge pallet of Level and EQ. Starting with just Drums and Bass, we built the song up to a non-overwhelming chaos. We re-recorded my vocals, and that song is coming together nicely.

Josh had to leave to visit some emo bands (something about needing hardware for his drum kit, don’t ask me…) so Colin  and I worked on the lead-in for Run. Let’s just call it High-Maintenance/Low-Payoff, but it was progress nonetheless, and even if it’s baby steps, I won’t call it a waste of time.

Tonight, I worked on the last of the lyrics for Run, and I will subject them to the scrutiny of the Spiral on Tuesday night. If they pan out, that could be the END OF WRITING FOR DAYS FROM EVIL. The first of many Lasts, and one of which you could consider a sign of the forthcoming of the album.

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