Rough Demo of Horrorcloud Posted to Myspace

Hey all, been a bit. We been busy, see. You don’t rush greatness. You don’t rush us neither. We played a couple shows recently… funny, we don’t remember seeing *you* there. Maybe you forgot to go? Maybe we were drunk and forgot you went?

Anyway, *if* you actually did go to any of our shows, then you would recognize the song Horrorcloud. (Here’s a hint: It’s the song without the word “Horrorcloud” in it)

We hacked out a rough version of Horrorcloud tonight and fluffed it up with enough compression that we could easily enter it in the loudness war with Metallica. We couldn’t win mind you, but we’d be in there somewhere. Probably on the back lines ordering supplies, making waffles and complaining about all the noise.

You can check out the new Rough Demo of Horrorcloud here on the Jagged Spiral Myspace Page.


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