Jagged Spiral Concert at Target Center – CANCELLED

I had a press release armed, locked, loaded and ready to spread fear into the hearts of music purists, music reviewers and real musicians all over the world. Josh, Colin and I were excited to announce what was sure to be the concert event of the summer at Target Center with Jagged Spiral and S.B.I.

‘Tellin ya, it woulda brought tears to your ears.

On behalf of Jagged Spiral, Inc. I regret to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control, the concert originally scheduled for Wed August 19th at Target Center has been canceled. All tickets purchased for the show will be refunded.

Our legal department is working nonstop to declassify our music as a threat to National Security. Until such time, Josh, Colin and I will continue writing/practicing/drinking/recording until our music can be more properly classified as a threat to the security of the entire planet.

Then, we’ll be able to play anywhere and anytime we want. Or else.

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Conrad Zero

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