The Reunion Tour (or Lack Thereof)

The Jagged Spiral Marketing and Promotional Headquarters has been overwhelmed with requests to verify rumors of a Jagged Spiral Reunion Tour. We can neither confirm nor deny these allegations [Authors Note: Actually, Sugar told us that we’re best not to even talk about it. But she didn’t say not to blog about it.]

I can say that a Reunion Tour for Jagged Spiral would be difficult, if not impossible, for the simple fact that we haven’t broken up. At least, if we *had* broken up, I’m sure the guys would have told me about it. Pretty sure.

For further details about the rumored tour, I’ve been told to defer all questions to our new Public Relations Manager; Tom Waits, who held a press conference to clarify and/or obfuscate all the details of the Very Likely Only A Rumor And Not An Official Jagged Spiral Reunion Tour, which has been code-named “Operation: Glitter and Doom”, (which is not to be confused with the Tom Waits album of the same name):

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