No, I Never Slept With Diablo Cody – Live!

Before you check out our first live performance of this new song, I have to get a couple disclaimers out of the way:

First, I have to apologize for the poor quality audio/video even for youtube, this is pretty rough. The video camera we brought to the show got left ON, and the battery was completely drained. Fortunately, we also brought a digital camera that can shoot video, but as you will see, that isn’t its primary function.

Secondly, this will not be the final version of the song. The lyrics (which were derived from this blog post) will change, and the subject of Diablo Cody will most likely be changed as well. The song has become cursed, and all kinds of bad things happen in the studio when her name gets mentioned. Bad mojo, baby. So we’ll smudge the studio, and change the song.

Thirdly, we truly do love Diablo Cody, and we truly did not sleep with her, and we hope she enjoys the song. No offense intended.

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