Update on Alpine’s Rock the Dash Contest

Instead of getting ready to release the list of winners from Alpine’s Rock the Dash contest, they sent out an e-mail saying the contest has been suspended due to voting system tampering, and all votes will be reset to nil. Voting will start over on April 1, 2008 and continue until 30 April.

This was not unexpected.

I certainly wasn’t going to tell you, but I know some of you must have figured out how to ‘cheat’ the system, and vote more than once per day. It’s as simple as clearing your browser cache (more specifically, your cookies) and you could vote as many times as you liked. It became obvious when bands were shooting to the top of the list in no time at all.

My hope was that *those* votes would simply be removed from the contest once Alpine figured out WTF, and Jagged Spiral would rocket to the top (becuse of the honesty and integrety of our fans). Unfortunately, Alpine decided to implement a “more secure” online voting system, and start over.

So we’re going to need your help again.

Yes, the interface blows. Yes, it sucks to scroll down to the “J”s to get to Jagged Spiral. No, you can’t go to the “Albums” list, because there isn’t one! I’m starting to think Colin is better off using the portable CD player in his car.

But, thanks to all your help, both Jagged Spiral songs “Let It Out” and “Not Enough Bullets” crawled up the charts, past hundreds of other songs, to end up in 60th and 61st place after three weeks!

Please visit www.rockthedash.com every day that you can (from every computer you can) throughout the month of April, and help push Jagged Spiral to the top 10! If Jagged Spiral wins one of the prizes, we promise to sell it on craigslist, and use the $$$ to buy Colin a nice car stereo system!

Thanks for your support, and keep voting!

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Conrad Zero

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