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A Vote for Jagged Spiral is a vote for an Alpine Stereo System for Colin’s Truck! Honestly, the man has a portable CD player connected via a cassette-tape-adapter-thingy! What’s that? You haven’t heard of cassette tape? Let’s just say, he could use a new EX-10 car music system from Alpine.

Fortunately, Alpine has agreed to give Colin a brand-spanking-new EX-10! FOR FREE! Well, not exactly free, he just needs you to click on this link:

The link will take you to Alpine’s website showcasing their new gear, then cast your vote for either of your favorite Jagged Spiral songs: “Let It Out” or “Not Enough Bullets”. Hey, vote for both! Come back and vote every day until the end of May! If Jagged Spiral is in the top 5, BAM! Colin has a new car stereo, and our weekly trips to Chipole can be uninterrupted by CD disk changes!

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